Back 2 Life DVD - Instant Streaming (HD)

This timeless DVD contains five safe and dynamic sequences in 6 chapters to heal the spine, manage chronic back pain, relieve tension, and prevent backaches and stiffness. Regain your natural spinal flexibility and overall well being as you gradually and safely build your core strength through simple and precise exercises based on the ancient technology of Shakti​ N​aam ​Yoga taught by Dr. Joseph Michael L​evry.​

The combination of breath and movement r​ecalibrates ​the mind, body, spirit connection. As the healthy flow of life energy is reawakened in the spinal column and the nervous system, the body is restored to its bright, youthful and beautiful glow.

You can watch it immediately after purchase on your laptop, tablet, phone, smart TV or connect your laptop to your TV via HDMI.

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