The Magnetic Copper-Silver-Gold Kabbalah Bracelet


    Magnetic Kabbalah Copper-Silver-Gold bracelet, given to us by world-renowned Master Kabbalist and founder of Naam Yoga, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, is designed with precision to remove bad luck and usher in Prosperity and Health. He has now generously made this powerfully therapeutic talisman available. Crafted and empowered under constructive cosmic laws, the bracelet Dr. Levry offers is uniquely inscribed with mystical symbols that express irrevocable Divine truths. 

  • The Kabbalah Copper Bracelet is handcrafted of pure solid copper with a layer of 18k gold and a layer of silver (925). The beautiful rubies are genuine rubies weighing .27g each. Each bracelet weighs 1.9 ounces or 53.9g. The weight varies slightly depending upon the size. The bracelet comes with a cloth for cleaning.

  • According to authentic and positive formulas from the arcanal wisdom, this Magnetic Kabbalah Copper-Silver-Gold bracelet offers hope and comfort, guidance and protection while magnetizing opportunities and attracting wonderful blessings. Wearing the Magnetic Kabbalah Copper-Silver-Gold bracelet will open you to the healing energy of the cosmos, as well as the beneficial influences of the Seven Archangels who sit before the Throne of the most High and work throughout the planetary bodies. They are the seven lights, who are in the highest of Heights and therein dwells the ancient of ancients, the hidden of all the hidden ones, the secret of all secrets, Ainsoph.

  • Copper jewelry dates back 2,000 years, to ancient Egyptian times. Notable people, from Cleopatra to the Pharaohs, from Alexander the Great to Chinese Emperors, from Indian Rajas to Persian kings, adorned themselves with copper bracelets. They understood that copper is more than a beautiful metal; it has medicinal and curative properties.

    Small amounts of copper can promote health. Copper is vital to the nervous system, and is used by cells to process oxygen. It produces energy and fights cancer-causing free radicals. Copper is a necessary element of an enzyme that produces the cartilage lining in the bones. Wearing a copper bracelet against the skin, which acts as both an entry point and a barrier, allows toxins to be pulled from the body via osmosis. In addition, micro doses of copper enter the body, where they boost the immune system. The copper bracelet also emits beneficial elemental and molecular vibrations, and exhibits other physical phenomena such as a corona effect at the ends of the bracelet. In the case of body pains due to rheumatoid arthritis, these vibrations appear to be very effective. Indeed, copper can eliminate metabolites that cause arthritis and rheumatism, and prevent them from turning normal body tissue into cancerous tissue. After wearing your copper bracelet, there might be a slight green coloring on your skin and on your bracelet. This green color is a good sign. Consider it your “proof of purchase”.

    When silver and gold are added to copper, the benefits are magnified. Silver is associated with healing powers, including improved circulation, detoxification of the blood, hormonal balance, and improved nerve impulse response. Spiritual initiates understand that Gold and Silver represent the Sun and Moon, respectively. They have found that fusing Gold onto Silver steadies the opposing Solar and Lunar forces, thereby making life more fortunate. This is due to the fact that the combination of the Solar, electric force, and the Lunar, magnetic force, is a perfect expression of the basic principle governing life. The addition of Copper brings in the magnetic influence of Venus, and adds magnetism and sophistication to one’s bearing.

  • Available in 3 Sizes
    Small 5 inch with 1 inch gap /or 12.7 cm with 2.54 cm gap
    Medium 5.25 inch with 1.125 (1.1/8) inch gap /or 13.335 cm with 2.54 cm gap
    Large 5.5 inch with 1.375 (1 3/8) inch gap /or 13.97 cm with 2.54 cm gap

    Measurements given include the gap (space between the two ends of the bracelet.) This means that a size small is 5 inches total, including the 1 inch gap. The ends are not designed to meet. We suggest that you cut a string or piece of paper to match the measurements given so that you may compare it to your wrist. Please keep in mind, that the bracelet is not meant to be bent in any way. This is why it is important to measure your size via the method above. The bracelet will slide onto your wrist via the opening in the bracelet - not opened and closed. Click here for detailed instructions.

  • Like the wearing of a wedding ring, family heirloom or treasured gift, the person wearing the cherished piece and the jewelry become increasingly intertwined with love and blessings. Because of this personal connection it is recommended that the bracelet be worn by only one person.

    The bracelet should not be adjusted often. It can be worn in water and can stand up to soap if cleansed with water after exposure. It is not recommended for daily use in water. The bracelet comes with a cloth for cleaning. Please use caution when wearing during exercise or other physical activity because the bracelet is not fastened with a security chain but is open at the bracelet gap.  

Bracelets are shipped via United Paracel Service with signature required. This bracelet is a precious and powerful piece that will serve and uplift you. This product was designed by Rootlight, produced by Cad Fab and hand crafted in China. Orders are fulfilled by Cad Fab. For all customer inquires, please contact: 

Email:  | Phone: 1-323-231-5300

Disclaimer - please read before purchase.

Note: Limited quantities are also available at Naam Yoga LA. If you reside in the LA area, visit Naam Yoga LA at 1231 4th St in Santa Monica.