Yearly Personal Forecast Report

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Please note, each report will reveal your personal archetypes within one (1) calendar year, from January 1 to December 31, for the year you have chosen to analyze.  

It is important to know the nature of the yearly force that is ruling us, so that we may make the right decision regarding our well being. By knowing more about our yearly influence, we can embark on a course of action that encourages the release of the best of forces. In this way, everything we put out will come back as blessings to others and ourselves.

Your future is intimately linked to the life you live today, in the direction in which you orient your thoughts and feelings, and in the activities in which you chose to put your energies. Knowing your yearly influence help you in your vigilance. As a result, you can choose the right timing and create the right beginning, in order to clear the way for a bountiful life. If you are careless, you will encumber your path with useless and harmful things that will hamper your development. Act low and beastly, and you will transmigrate the lower consciousness. Act high and divine, and you will incarnate into your higher self.

The purpose of human life is to burn Karma through the path of the heart, through service, through a spiritual life. All of our yesterdays have prepared today, and today prepares our tomorrows. You are encouraged to learn about your yearly influence, and apply the sacred wisdom so that you are able to properly direct your energies and sow the good seeds that will bear fruit. Learn the laws of nature, and do the right thing. Happiness is the price of life. Without paying for it, you will not have it.

Your consciousness resides in timelessness. Therefore, your timing, your beginnings, will be right on target. However, it is impossible to predict all outcomes or stop all change. What is possible is maintaining an attitude of commitment, constancy, nobility, and awareness. This attitude allows you to use each movement of time and space, each outcome and fluctuation, to create a victorious life and a noble self and projection. By cultivating such an attitude, and learning the laws of nature, you will deliver on your intention, your product, and your service at the right time and in expert fashion.

The unseen powers and forces of nature and universal laws are in and around you. When you know how to access and work in accordance with these laws, you can achieve contentment. Contentment is not some elusive material entity. For contentment to be realized, you must listen to the voice inside you, the voice which functions in accordance with universal laws and can guide you toward self-fulfillment. The voice is there, waiting to be awakened. In Lifting the veil, the Alchemy of love, the Divine Doctor and the Healing fire of Heaven you will find tools for self-mastery. Pick them up and use them.

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