Harmonyum Healing Level I Training in Heilbronn

April 25 - 29, 2018 in Heilbronn, Germany

Harmonyum® is the healing modality of the future. It is a gentle, healing and non- invasive process that releases a huge amount of divine love, peace and light healing energy in the recipient. Harmonyum brings self-awareness, which liberates a person from destructive habits, to be free to make positive, healing changes. Several sessions of Harmonyum can raise the whole spiritual and cosmic entity of the body to such a superior frequency that no form of disease can continue to exist, nor can further disease attack. As you experience its gentle warmth, your body will undergo processes of embellishment, intensification, purification and sanctification of life that enhances all of your faculties. Understand the intricate union of the physical and spiritual bodies and gain true insight into the root cause of all chronic conditions. Through purity of heart, Harmonyum practitioners are able to assist in profound and permanent healing by reestablishing the harmonious flow of love in the body.

During this training students will receive the transmission of Harmonyum from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, the Master of Harmonyum, practice and exchange the techniques for Harmonyum Level I, learn elements of Universal Kabbalah including the 7 creative planets, your primary and secondary planetary influences, the sources of disease, healing the body through the use of the pentagram and the universal laws that govern balance in addition to special mudra techniques and prayers to strengthen your Harmonyum practice.

All new students are assigned a mentor for the first four months after the training to support the learning process and to answer any questions that new students may have when they are fulfilling their practice sessions.

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