2018 Meditation Practice

This compilation was especially created to support your 2018 Naam meditation practice and features a new, never-before-released track. The album is comprised of 3 sections with the entire practice taking about hour to complete. The album includes a download link to the meditation guide which describes each of the following meditations/exercises. Performing this practice daily during the first 32 days (and beyond) will completely renew and recharge your body, clear your mind and bring you a surplus of vital energy so that you can realize your dreams. It is a sure way to make 2018 your best year yet! 

Part I - Tune In and Exercise the Body
Om Namo Bhagavate
Triple Mantra
Arm Swings
Magnet Exercise

Part II - Breathwork for Energy and Optimal Health
Breath of Glow
Alternate Nostril Breathing
3-Point Breath with Prayer of Light / Oración de la Luz

Part III - Meditation
Har Gobinday
RaMa Ram
Bonus Special Track for prosperity (optional)

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