More about Universal Kabbalah

The Daily Hours, 7 Lights for You and Marriage Date Apps have been created based on Universal Kabbalah a body of knowledge gifted to humanity, fulfilling mankind’s purest desires to identify and harmonize with nature’s subtle cycles and forces.  We often refer to Universal Kabbalah as ‘the Laws of Nature’, ‘the Laws of Man’, and ‘the Laws of God’.  While the term ‘law’ may seem austere, it is the Creator’s highest manifestation of Love on our earthly plane, for through it we may re-establish the Divine Order of heaven that is intended to reign upon Earth.

From choosing the perfect house, attracting a harmonious relationship, invoking a specific archangel to help you with a personal situation or much much more, Universal Kabbalah allows you to identify and be the order amidst what appears to be chaos.  It is practical, it is simple and it gives life meaning.  

Universal Kabbalah shows you how to work with your personal planetary palate, the phases of the moon and the archetypes that man cycles through blindly year after year.  Working with this science is an act of dedication to your own spiritual evolution as you reach for the stars and in the process become one yourself.

Naam Yoga is the ideal compliment to Universal Kabbalah, as all of creation is created and sustained through the power of the word, or divine vibration.  From the smallest grain of sand to the largest planet, everything is vibrating a subtle frequency.  Naam Yoga causes you to resonate with Universal Kabbalah’s most highest and heavenly principles, giving you a bird’s eye view into the magnificent splendor of the grand scheme of life.  

Learn more about the Akashic Record, an authentic forecast system based upon Universal Kabbalah and distinct from astrology

Read more about Universal Kabbalah, Divine Spiritual Wisdom and learn how to work with your Planetary Cylces in books by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, "The Divine Doctor", "Alchemy of Love Relationships", "Lifting the Veil" and "Shakti Naam Yoga - The Gift of Health"

Dr. Joseph Michael Levry is an author, composer, international speaker, producer of sacred music and dedicated teacher.  In his work, Dr. Levry pursues his vision of providing humanity with tools for a healthy lifestyle, peace and happiness.  His student base includes people from all backgrounds, age groups and spiritual orientations.  The Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce commended Dr. Levry as a “Global Visionary” and “Local Leader” for both his international and local contributions to community.