The Power of Love: Harmonyum & the Key to Permanent Healing
from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

July 28, 2016 1 Comment

The Power of Love: Harmonyum & the Key to Permanent Healing<br>from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

Harmonyum Healing brings us in touch with our immortal self, our higher soul, our Light that is an emanation of God Himself, so that our existence can take on a new meaning, and we may have harmony and power. It is through our higher soul that we can commune with the Creator and with the Universe He created, because in reality we are the embodiment and personification of the entire Universe. By coming closer to our own Light, we can begin to understand our true Self.

Harmonyum Healing changes the rate of vibratory energy functioning throughout our entire physical body, so that our consciousness is heightened, and its vibrations become more and more intense, until it merges into the consciousness of our sublime Soul, and we become one with the Creator. What we must realize is that the whole Universe is kept intact by the energy of Love, because God is Love and Love creates for the sake of Love. As human beings, from conception to birth and beyond, we need Love in order to grow and thrive. That is why during the Kabbalah of Birth and Beyond Training, one learns how to transmute the seed that has been planted in the garden of the womb, so that it may grow into a beautiful flower that is a healthy, bright and intelligent baby.

Above all, human beings need to receive Love, as Love is a vital food for all humankind. That is a primary principle. Every child that is born must feed on Love, because they are born as a result of Love. Furthermore, the quality of Love between the parents and the child, and the intensity and freedom with which that Love is given, whether it is continuous, impeded or stopped altogether, will determine the emotional maturity of the child. In other words, the emotional maturity of a child depends upon the quality of the relationship between the parents and the child during the prenatal, birth, and child rearing years, along with when the Love started, and whether or not it ended. In most cases, parents don't know how to provide that Love. Human beings are primarily emotional entities. If a child’s parents do not provide the Love and care the child needs, a gap occurs. In such a case, the child will spend a lifetime searching the world over looking for the Love they did not receive. Again, as human beings, we are primarily emotional entities therefore, our primary body is our emotional body. Emotions have the power to make or break us. They will heal us or make us sick. They will take care of us or they will destroy us. Above all, a child needs Love to grow, because as children we rely on Love even more. You can give your child all the material things in the world, but without Love, he or she will be sorely lacking. The formula is immutable. When a child grows into adulthood having never received Love, that loss will be felt for their entire lifetime. Unfortunately, in adulthood, it becomes difficult for us to know how to express that loss. We end up looking everywhere for it without ever really knowing what that "it" is, even engaging in alcohol and drug abuse, and all forms of addiction. This missing Love is at the root of all unhealthy relationships and emotional disturbances, leading many to spend years in therapy. In other words, if a child is missing some aspect of the Love he or she needed to receive, that gap will seek to be filled at all costs. Although it is difficult to fill, it is not impossible. Harmonyum Healing is one of the best gifts you can receive that will help fill the gap.

Harmonyum is one of the rarest healing systems, which has the power to fill such a gap by releasing an enormous amount of Divine Love into our entire being. When that energy flows properly within our bodies, we are happy and healthy, and emotionally stable. Conversely, when that energy has been cut off and replaced with the energy of missing parental love, hurt feelings, emotional entanglements, resentment, fear and frustration, we are left open to an array of disharmony and disease. Harmonyum Healing allows the individual to become more receptive to the flow of Divine Love, healing and grace, whose very nature is to heal and renew. It restores the natural flow of Love in the body while increasing the pranic supply to all cells, nurturing all the organs of the body. This is achieved because Harmonyum Healing melts physical tension, so that the spiritual body can clear all blockages in the free circulation of life-force throughout the body, thereby saturating our being with Divine Love. There is no karma that cannot be erased with Divine Love. There is no wound that exists that cannot be cured by Divine Love. There is no wound of mind, of heart or of Spirit, that cannot be healed by Divine Love. There is no wound created in the past or present that cannot be made whole by Divine Love. Divine Love has the power to heal all, and produce miracles from even the most impossible of circumstance.

Receiving Harmonyum Healing on a regular basis will connect you with your higher self. Then, your intuitive intelligence will cause you to have knowledge of those things that you need to know, those things that your soul requires most, those healing things that need to be done, along with the healthy thoughts you need to allow into your mind so that you can be in harmony with the Universe. Harmonyum will give you a warm, embracing feeling of protection, security and peace that will keep you free from the chains of karma, by bringing you Divine Love and offering you Light in the darkness of life. It has a deeply health-giving effect on all those who work with it. Harmonyum Healing allows you to absorb the vital flow of energy which comes down from the higher world, so that you may connect with and abide by the healing and beneficial Laws of God. This transcendental healing system opens the doors widely to our mind and our heart so that the Light of the Divine may enter it and bless us with the ability to hear God's Voice.

The missing parental Love, the pain and traumatic experiences of the past, recorded in the body of pain, sink into our memory where they usually cause inflamed and festering wounds, and there is only one remedy; they have to be plucked out and thrown away. Harmonyum will free the trapped and locked energies of our being and allow them to flow once again. Through Harmonyum Healing, one comes into harmony with Nature. Harmonyum removes everything that holds us back, so that we may be free from karma. It releases in us those forces through which the negative karmic influences from the past can be eliminated so that we may find what we love, do what we love, and love what we do.  


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February 09, 2017

Rarified blessings of Joy and Love infused with Light and vibrations beyond words. In deep gratitude for all you share.

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