Making the Impossible Possible by Bringing the Best out of You from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

January 30, 2016

Making the Impossible Possible by Bringing the Best out of You from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

It is important for us to move from our false self to our true self. You have to move past the person that you think you are, which you are not, to the person who you truly are. Most people have a false image of themselves that is defined by their comfort zone. Your comfort zone is defining who you are, but that is the limited you. It is a zone that you are comfortable with because it encompasses all that you think you are capable of. Your comfort zone is limited by how far you have gone in the past. Most people define themselves based upon the past, and in essence become a victim of the past. You don’t know that you can break out of your comfort zone and be a thousand times more than what you ever achieved in the past. We cannot let the past be the determining factor. It is a false boundary. You are looking at yourself and all you can see is the tip of the iceberg. It is only one percent of you. What about the other ninety-nine percent of you?

The habits and patterns in your brain that are causing you to be limited and stay in your comfort zone are not healthy patterns. Think of your comfort zone as your range of performance that makes you feel comfortable. That way of life is an expression of your false self-image. We must develop the velocity of neurons in the brain so as to liberate the body from the shackles of our comfort zone. To effectively change that, every aspect of the brain must be accessed, your cerebrum, the gray matter and the medulla. We can access a treasure box of potential in the brain. In breaking past our barriers and limitations and becoming successful and healthy we become a force for good. It is when a person is challenged that their true colors come out. One can take the high road or the low road. We often see the worst of people in a challenge. Actually, in a challenge, the best should come out of you. There is no negative situation that does not lead to something positive. Negative situations always become positive eventually. They cause you to strengthen your character, you personality and your way of seeing life. We must learn to use more of our potential. To do that we have to develop the ability to learn and the ability to grow. If you don’t want to learn, then there is a problem. We have to develop the ability to become better every day, better than the day before. Regular Harmonyum Healing sessions will disconnect you from your past.

Success is nothing else than hypnotizing Eve and causing her to talk to Adam, and living from your heart. Kabbalistically speaking, as soon as Eve and Adam start romancing, your entire autonomic nervous system (ANS) is synchronized in a way that the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) come together and cause the ANS, which is the nervous system of our energy body, to take care of the physical body whose nervous system is the central nervous system. This is the key to becoming successful. It can be explained. If you cannot explain it then it appears as if you are successful by chance. Being successful should not be based upon chance. Being successful is being ready all of the time. Success comes to those who are ready. Success is not based upon intelligence. School teaches you how to think but it doesn’t make you street smart. To be successful, you have to be street smart. Similarly, you cannot learn integrity in school. Consciousness grasps opportunity, not intelligence.

To be successful there are two qualities that you should always have: integrity and then your word has to be as good as gold. If you have integrity and your word is as good as gold, all you need is your name. When your word is as good as gold and you have integrity, then you don’t let people down. Your name becomes a brand. If you cross people, it doesn’t matter how intelligent you are or how many degrees you have, you are not going to go that far. When you are there for people, even when everybody else deserts them, the heavens will always be there for you. You are operating with rules beyond this world and protected by rules beyond this world. You can then make changes where changes are impossible. Treat Others Like Gold. If you have those qualities, then it is only a matter of time before you become successful.

We need all of you to be successful. A business, for example, is not an island where one stands alone. It takes a combination of people to create success. That is why every interaction that you have with another person should be as good as gold for you. Treat people like gold. To reach that level you have to work on unconditional love. Otherwise you will get caught up in all of their projections and emotions and they will get the best of you. Think of everyone as being important. There is no person that is unimportant. God doesn’t create people who are unimportant. Therefore, never identify with other peoples’ negative opinions or limited perceptions of you. They will never know you better than you will know yourself. If you want to identify with something, identify with something that is good about yourself.

To be successful you have to think right, to think right you have to feel right. How you feel determines how you are going to think. Your heart is the root of life. Therefore the way you feel affects the way you think. What you feel is more important than what you think. To change your personality, you have to feel good and you have to feel right. Emotions are unconscious feelings. When you are emotional you are unaware of the source of the emotions. Emotions linked to the past make you feel bad and you don’t even know where they are coming from. They cause you to not feel right. If you don’t feel right that will make you do something irrational. It doesn’t matter how smart you are. In order for you as an emotional entity to think in a way that works for you, you have to feel right.

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